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Four Seasons for Little People

Written and illustrated for kindergarten children, Four Seasons explains the cycle of life through spring, summer, fall, and winter. Special emphasis is placed on gaining respect for the environment, and our responsibility to care for it.

Author, Dr. Jerry Ballard - With over thirty-five years in senior management of commercial and non-profit organizations, Dr. Ballard has received special recognition from numerous educational and government agencies throughout the country.

Eight Keys to a Better Me

A colorfully illustrated book for elementary students, Eight Keys is a highly esteemed addition to enhance any child's personal development program. It helps children learn appropriate responses to everyday situations that all children face.

Author, Dr. William J. Briggs - Former president of Limestone College, Dr. Briggs has spent over 30 years in education and child development.


The Lion Who Wouldn't Brush His Teeth

Written and illustrated by an artistically gifted dentist, The Lion shows through exciting and often humorous animal characters the importance of daily dental care, and the roll of orthodontics in developing and maintaining healthy teeth.

Author, Michael Peele, D.D.S. - Dr. Peele is a member of The American Dental Association and the North Carolina Dental Society. His, degree in dentistry was achieved at the University of North Carolina.


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